MLK Day 2019

Yesterday, Americans celebrated Martin Luther King Day.  It is a day where people honour the memory of a man that inspired so many people to treat each other fairly.  King inspired many to stand together to make their dream of peace, unity, justice and equality to become a reality.

Here is the video we watched in the KS2 assembly today about his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech.  What message from the speech means the most to you?  Do you have a favourite line?


6 comments on “MLK Day 2019

  • LJennings says:

    Aspen class:

    The best message of this speech is about not judging people by the colour of their skin or because they are different.

    Our favourite line is ‘I have a dream’…

  • Fin, Josh, Mo says:

    We researched some facts.
    1. Born Michael King JR. Atlanta, Georgia changed his name to Martin
    2. King came from a long line of pastors at the Ebenzer baptist Church in Atlanta where he preached.

    We have more and will post more soon!

  • Fin, Josh, Mo says:

    Here’s some more…

    3.He graduated from high school and started college ages.
    4.He attended to Boston University,completing his resume for a doctor in 1953,and he received the degree in 1955.
    5.He attended Boston university completing his residence for a doctorate in 1953 and received a degree in 1955


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