#STOPSPEAKSUPPORT – being kind online

Thursday of Anti-Bullying Week was #STOPSPEAKSUPPORT Day, a time to focus on how we treat each other online.

Here is a video with advice for older children, Year 5 & 6 particularly,  about what to do when ‘banter’ online turns negative.

Remember, whether online or face to face, it’s not ‘banter’ if…

  1. You would be upset if someone said it to you.
  2. It’s hurtful.
  3.  You’re not friends.
  4. Someone has asked you to stop.
  5. The target isn’t laughing.
  6. It focuses on someone’s insecurities (things they worry about).

And before you post something online, THINK…

  1. Why am I posting this?
  2. Am I being kind?
  3. Would I say this to their face?
  4. Could it be interpreted differently?
  5. Do I have permission to post this?
  6. Will I feel good about this later?


Mr Poyton

2 comments on “#STOPSPEAKSUPPORT – being kind online

  • Katrina says:

    T-is it true?
    H-is it helpful?
    I-is it intelligent?
    N-is it nice?
    K-is it kind?

    I think it was like that. Anyways, what i mean is think before you say something!

  • Haniya says:

    Let’s show bullying the red card.
    *hands “bullying” a red card and grins as it dejectedly walks off the football pitch*


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