Our assemblies today were about anti-bullying week.  Yesterday we started the week in style when we celebrated our differences by wearing odd socks.

Today we talked about what bullying really is and what we can do to tackle it.  We  talked about the ‘STOP’ rule for recognising a problem and then solving it…


Bullying is when someone is  hurting or unkind to the same person…

S everal

T imes

O n

P urpose

When that happens we need to…

S tart

T elling 

O ther

P eople

Adults in school will always be ready to listen and help you.

The theme for anti-bullying week this year is ‘Choose Respect’.  Lucky for us, RESPECT is one of our values!  I asked Reception and KS1 how we can show RESPECT to others.  They had some brilliant answers…

  • care for others
  • use kind words, hands and feet
  • say sorry
  • play kindly
  • play with people who look sad
  • don’t fight
  • think about others
  • take care of people’s things
  • listen to each other

Let’s all remember these things and work as a team to make sure everyone feels safe and happy at school so they can do their very best learning.

Have you got any other top tips for each other?  What anti-bullying motto and promises did you and your class come up with this week?

Mr Poyton

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