You Vs. You

We had a particularly thought provoking reflection time in our celebration assembly this Friday.  Rhys from Year 6 was thinking about our Sports Day activities when he wrote it.

He had some profound ideas to share about being competitive, teamwork and most importantly, how we focus on competing with ourselves.

Are you driven to improve and beat your ‘personal best’ at something?  Can you leave a comment below explaining what you want to improve at?

Here are Rhys’ wise words so can read and reflect again…


Being competitive is a fire and it is that fire that pushes us to do better in sport and in life.

Yet to truly accomplish our goals, it is teamwork not competitiveness that gives you the greatest advantage. 

True winning is not found in pushing yourself and forgetting about anyone else. 

Although you should strive to be the best, you win by working in a team and carrying on whatever the hardships.

To beat everyone else’s best is a great feat but beating your own best is far, far greater.


Wise words indeed.  Have a good weekend everyone.

Mr P

2 comments on “You Vs. You

  • Mark Golledge says:

    Thanks Mr P!

    It was a real pleasure for a couple of us as parent governors to be able to spend the morning in school as part of a visit. The celebration assembly was certainly the highlight of the morning! I’ve heard so much about it over the last few years with my children being in the school, but being able to see it first hand was such a treat!

    Those children who read out were really confident and it was great to see the whole school celebrating achievements that both individuals, classes and the whole school have achieved over the last week! I must however get practicing my “round of applause” – I’m not sure I’m quite yet up to the standard of the children.

    I know for those parent governors who attended today we were really encouraged by the atmosphere in the school and the encouragement given to the children across all ages and classes. Well done both to the children and to all the staff!

    Have a good weekend all!


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