Refugee Week 2018

In our assemblies today we talked about Refugee Week, a time each year when people think about the challenging lives of children who have to flee their homes and the difficult journeys they go on to find somewhere safe to live.

In the Key Stage 2 assembly we watched these two videos.  One is a stop motion animation made at a primary school in Australia, telling the story of one of their pupils. The other is the story of a primary school in England that takes great pride in making new families feel safe and welcome.

We want everyone to feel happy and safe at Lawford Mead.  In both assemblies we discussed what we can do to make all new people feel welcome.  Can you leave a comment below with your own suggestions?

Mr P


10 comments on “Refugee Week 2018

  • Eleanor and Finlay Ash Class says:

    We will promise to welcome new people warmly, play with them on the playgrounds and have lots of fun with them!

  • Ria Matthew ash class says:

    To make new people feel welcome we should be kind and helpfel for them to fit in with the school we should also introduce people to them so they have lots of new friends already

  • Chantelle and hamsini Ash class says:

    We need to help the people who are homeless and we need to be nice to the new people that come to the different countries.

  • Nic and poppy ash class says:

    Life should be fun not scary! We should welcome people with smiles and give them laughter.
    Everybody is equal and should be treated with happyness! We would love to see smiles and here about their journeys! This should happen and never stop!!!


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