What makes a good friend…?

In assembly today we asked children what they look for in a friend and what kind of friend they try to be.  We had some brilliant answers…

  • kind
  • helpful
  • thoughtful
  • honest
  • patient
  • forgiving

Can you leave a comment below with another answer…?

Enjoy time with friends and family over half term everyone!

Mr P

6 comments on “What makes a good friend…?

  • Katrina says:

    Trustworthy. If a friend is not trust worthy they might spread a secret that you told them.

  • Aspen class says:

    In Aspen class this morning we discussed with Mr Pleydell what we think makes a good friend – there were lots of brilliant answers!
    Esther: ‘Treat people better than you would like to be treated’
    Florence and Valery: ‘To be a good friend, you need to demonstrate respect’
    Timmy: ‘When somebody is feeling down you should help them’
    Imogen: ‘ Look out for each other and help each other’
    Lucy: ‘Be honest with everyone’

  • Ash class says:

    Ash class believe that understanding what makes a good friend is very important.
    We think that some characteristics of a great friend are…
    Joshua: Honest, kind and thoughtful
    Poppy: Helping our friends make the right choices
    Jacob: Helpful
    Millie: Care for each other
    Sam: Showing respect and being friendly towards each other
    Missie: Showing school values such as resilience


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