Don’t Give Up / The Power of YET

Lawford Mead Primary is a ‘Growth Mindset’ School.  That means we all believe that everyone can improve and achieve success through effort and determination.  That is why ASPIRATION and RESILIENCE are two of our values.

In both assemblies today we watched two music videos with lyrics that contain a growth mindset message.  We then came up with words of encouragement that we can say to our friends when we see them facing a challenge.  Here are some examples…can you add more in the comments section below…?

“Don’t give up.”

“You CAN do it!”

“Stay calm.”

“Keep on trying.”

“Believe in yourself.”

And if someone says “I can’t do it”, we say “You just can’t do it YET!”

Of course, if you are finding the learning difficult, you can say these to yourself too.

Who will you encourage this week?

Mr P



14 comments on “Don’t Give Up / The Power of YET

  • EDearing says:

    Sycamore say:
    “If you can’t do something yet, just keep trying and trying”
    “Never give up.”
    “Just try it one more time.”
    “Try your best.”
    “Try again, 2 more times.”
    “Your getting there.”
    “Have another go.”
    “Mistakes help you learn.”

  • Hi I’m Yeti. My favourite word is Yet. Don’t say you can’t do it. Say you can’t do it YET.

  • Freya Loveland says:

    I really like those songs, because they remind of things to say to other people when they need encouragement.

  • Haniya says:

    Sesame street has the wisest words.
    But seriously.
    If you can’t do something and you give up then you won’t be motivated to do anything and you won’t do it.
    There were no commas in there,I know.

  • Miss Fretton says:

    Bonsai Class say: “We should always try and try again.” “Don’t give up just because you can’t do it yet!” ” Stay calm and don’t panic!” “Keep going you will get there.” “Don’t give up just keep trying.” “We never give up!” “If we make a mistake just try again and learn from it.”

  • Carole says:

    Birch class really enjoyed this video. It’s made us think very carefully about not giving up! We learnt that it might take time but we will get there!

  • Anja is loving this positivity! She often gives up but not today. She says she will never give up again 🙂
    Thank you

    • You will do it in a mater of time .just keep on trying stay Kalm don’t panic if you can’t do it keep on trying. Says Harry


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