The Science of Kindness

Below are the two videos about kindness we watched in our Key Stage 2 assembly.  The first explains the science of kindness and how being kind is good for YOU as well as good for other people!  The second video is an inspiring short film to help you think about the ‘chain reaction’ of kindness that YOU have the power to start!  Remember the list we came up with in assembly.  Here are some examples of those kind acts we can try at school to improve someone else’s (and our own) day…

– give a compliment or just a smile and a ‘Good morning!’

– help someone in the playground who looks lonely or if they have hurt themselves

– help someone with their with work and encourage them

– jut ask someone how they are and if they are ok if they look sad

– hold a door or carry something for someone

Leave a comment below and tell us something kind you have done (or someone has done for you) and how it felt.

Mr P


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