Maths Competition

Well done to our amazing Year 6 Maths Team! They represented Lawford Mead to compete against 12 other teams from schools in the Chelmsford area and came a fantastic 4th place! The competition was very close as there were only 4 points difference between our score and the winners’ score.

They worked together to solve a range of mathematical puzzles based on the theme of the Royal Wedding. Tasks included: solve a seating plan puzzle for the Wedding Reception; solve algebra clues to crack the safe holding the wedding rings; use ratio to create recipes for the Royal Wedding cakes; and use co-ordinates and shape knowledge to track the flight-path of the media helicopters!

Our team showed excellent co-operation, resilience and aspiration throughout the morning and we are very proud of them!

Mrs Wilson

2 comments on “Maths Competition

  • Katrina says:

    Wow, nice job guys! 😀 Will some year 5’s be doing this next year because that sounds fun?

    • Mrs Wilson says:

      Thanks for your comment, Katrina! Yes, we certainly will be entering a Year 6 team from Lawford Mead again next year – you’ll find out all about it next January!


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