Snow Day Ideas

Here are some ideas for activities to try at home whilst school is closed…


  • READ! It is Book Day after all.  We’ll reschedule Book Day activities at school as soon as possible
  • Write a book review
  • Design a new front cover for one of your favourite books
  • Write a sequel or new chapter for a book you have enjoyed
  • Look out the window and use the weather as inspiration for a story, poem, weather report or drawing
  • Ask an adult for help with making a paper snowflake
  • Research icicles and snowflakes.
  • Visit the blogs and Highlights on our website and leave some comments.

Outside (stay warm and dry!):

  • Look for footprints
  • Take photos of your observations and then get in the warm to draw them
  • Make a snow angel
  • Build a snowman
  • Collect snow in pots and time how long it takes to melt in different rooms in the house.  Which are the warmest and coldest rooms?

Leave a comment below with any ideas of your own!

Mr P

17 comments on “Snow Day Ideas

  • Mrs Archer says:

    Put food out for the birds (maybe some breadcrumbs) and watch to see which birds come into your garden.

  • Ms Morgan says:

    Early Years remember to take and post pictures of your snow day fun and post in Tapestry. Ms Morgan is on Tapestry so will get to see them today. There are also pictures of our fluffy chicks

  • Mrs Moston says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Larch Class Snowmen on Tapestry! I wonder if anyone can find out how snow is made ………………………………………….?

  • I have had so much fun in the snow however I was dissapoimyed that the school was closed today because me and my mum spent ages making my world book day costume .However i am glad to hear that you will be rescheduling world book day activities .would you also be allowed to dress up when rescheduled?

  • Ms Morgan says:

    Nursery children can make a thank you card with pictures of chicks for Justine for taking such good care of our eggs and chicks when we have been unable to be there. Bring it to school when we return and we will invite Justine into Nursery to give them to her.

  • Miss Smith says:

    Year 6 you can use this time to revise using the booklets that you’ve got at home and the Maths Questions of the day have been posted on our Year 6 blog!

  • Nasrin T says:

    Year 3 you’ve been learning about the prehistoric era. You could use this time to be archaeologists and create your own excavation in the snow, see what you can find amongst the snow (obviously not for too long, you’ll have frozen fingers). Even get your adults involved and see what stone age tool they can make out of the things you’ve found.
    Have fun!

  • Haniya says:

    You could sit in the warm comfort of your house,while drinking hot chocolate and studying until school opens again!

  • Mrs Reilley says:

    Reception you could curl up somewhere warm with your favourite book. Please put a photo on Tapestry so we can add it to our classroom display. Happy reading!

  • Miss Dearing says:

    Yr 1 are learning about animals, why not research some animals that live in the snow. What makes them good at living in cold, snowy places? How do they find food and what do they eat? How do they blend in to the snowy landscape? How do they keep warm? I will look forward to finding out what you can discover.

  • Miss Fretton says:

    year 2
    We are learning about Castles, you could research what life was like in a castle in the winter.Were castles warm places to live? Why? How did the lords and ladies keep warm? What did they eat? Think about the workers and servants in the castle? Were they able to keep warm living in the bailey section of the castle? What did they eat on snowy day?

  • Jessicaw says:

    Its so fun playing in the cold snow I have found many foot prints and made a snow angle


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