Poetry Competition Winner

Congratulations to Vienna in Year 6 for winning our poetry competition!

Children had to write a poem about the Lawford Mead value of RESILIENCE.

Here is the winning poem, which was read out in assembly last week…you’ll notice Vienna also has outstanding handwriting!

I wonder which value will be the theme for our next poetry competition?

Mr P

5 comments on “Poetry Competition Winner

  • Amelia and Jessica w says:

    This AMAZING poem made me think about a Tortoise that has a heavy shell on its back and never gives up no matter if its heavy or not!

  • Mrs Baker says:

    Well done Vienna, your poem clearly demonstrates the power and importance of developing a resilient approach to all aspects of our lives. I am sure that your poem will inspire many children, encourage them to be more resilient when challenged and ultimately make them PROUD of all they achieve.


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