Resilience Rhyme for Reflection Time!

Tom and George from Year 6 wrote and read a fantastic (rhyming) reflection time poem for assembly today.  Here it is…

We have to use teamwork

And be very resilient.

If you use these two,

Everything will be brilliant.

Teamwork is key.

It will help you and me.

If it’s a job, work or sport,

Listen to this and you’ll be taught.

Two minds are better one.

Together is much more fun.

Resilience is a great thing.

If you try it you’ll feel like a king.

Even if the game is tight,

We won’t give up without a fight.

Always cross the line feeling worn out.

If your team is playing make sure you shout.

Thank you for listening to our writing.

Resilience and teamwork are two great things.


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