Summer Dreams

Wishing all our families a wonderful Summer break.  We are already excited for new adventures in September but the children have worked very hard this year and they have earned a fantastic, fun-packed holiday!  The same goes for our teachers!!

Here are the two poems Mrs Baker has read to children and families this week after the Year 6 performances.  The words perfectly match our ethos and philosophy here at Lawford Mead.

See you in September!

Mr P

3 comments on “Summer Dreams

  • Haniya says:

    I totally agree with the messages in BOTH of those poems. I will miss Rob’s crazy celebrations,and most of all,Miss Baghurst….. Can you tell her to still look at our blog comments/posts? EVEN though she won’t be here,she will be in the book of the greatest (And the funniest) teachers on earth.

    • Miss Baghurst says:

      Haniya, of course I am going to still read the blogs! I need regular updates of what you are all doing to see how you’re growing as individuals! Have an amazing summer and enjoy your holiday to Turkey


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