Mrs Baker’s Wise Words…

Here are Mrs Baker’s ‘Wise Words For The Weekend’  from our assembly today…

With SATs approaching and everyone working hard, here are my tips for relaxing and making sure you look after your mind and your body.

  • Pet therapy – Studies have shown that just petting your dog or cat can reduce your stress
  • Exercise – Walking, jogging, swimming, or almost anything that gets your blood pumping can be helpful
  • Talk it out – Chatting with a trusted friend or family member can help to make you feel calmer
  • Write it out – In a similar way, writing in a journal can be therapeutic and provide stress relief
  • Watch a movie – Snuggle down in a warm blanket with some hot chocolate – this one always works for me!
  • Don’t forget to breathe – It sounds silly, but you would be amazed at how many people hold their breath for extended periods of time. That prevents optimal amounts of oxygen from getting to the brain and the body. Try deep breathing exercises to help relax further.
  • Sleep & eat well – Your body & mind need rest and fuel, make sure you treat it to the highest quality there is.

I’m not saying the next few weeks are going to be easy Year 6, but what we want you to remember is that they are going to be worth it. You have all worked hard over the last six years and this is your time...

  • Your time to shine and do the best that you can
  • Your time to push yourself (because no one else can do it for you now)
  • Your time to believe in yourselves the way we do
  • Your time to show your resilience and be proud of the journey you have taken so far
  • Your time to remember that somethings always seem impossible… until they’re done


Can you leave a comment below with some words of encouragement for pupils in Year 6 and Year 2 during their SATs?


12 comments on “Mrs Baker’s Wise Words…

  • Miss Brian says:

    All anyone can ever ask is that you try your best keep working hard and you will reach your goals

    “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.”

    John Wooden

  • S Mitchell says:

    You have all grown up so much this year and worked so hard to achieve what you want to. Do the best that you can and make sure you rest the weekend before SATs – spend time with your family and friends and do things you enjoy doing. All of the year 6 teachers and LSAs will be proud of you all, regardless of what results you get in your SATs. We believe in you!

  • CBaghurst says:

    This is an opportunity to show exactly how talented you all are! Even today, I can still remember my nerves for the Yr 2 & Yr 6 SATs, so that is perfectly normal- you are all going through this so talk to each other. Sometimes when faced with challenges, I like to remind myself of the quote: “Only the sky is your limit…”
    You CAN and WILL achieve because you have worked towards this since you joined school.
    All the staff at Lawford Mead believe in every single one of you.
    Good luck!

  • Mrs Saveall says:

    This is your time Year 6 you have worked hard for so long it’s now your time to shine. We all know how amazing you are so over the next few weeks keep working hard but remember Mrs Baker’s ‘Wise words of wisdom’. You will look back on this time and be thankful that you put in the time to revise when you get your results in the summer. Remember that your brain needs fuel to work properly so eat well, drink lots of water, get a good nights sleep and also make time to have fun too.
    We all believe in you so all you have to do is believe in yourself and you WILL ACHIEVE.

    Good Luck Year 6 you can do it!!

  • S King says:

    Year 6 good luck! You are ALL amazing in your own special way and only you can achieve what you set your minds to.

    Don’t worry about failures,
    worry about the chances
    you miss when you don’t
    even try.

  • Haniya says:

    Heres a little poem i came up with:
    It might be tough,
    It might be hard,
    There will be hurdles,
    When you jump,
    But if you fall,
    Get back up again,
    Failure isn’t final,
    just try your best,
    and always give it your best!
    its your time to shine!.

    • Mrs Baker says:

      A truly reflective poem Haniya and fantastic advice for our Year 6 pupils. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  • Miss Smith says:

    This is your time to shine and show everyone how fantastic you are. You’ve put in the hard work this year so relax, take a deep breath and do your best- that’s all anyone can ask for. Everyone will be proud of you and you can be proud of yourselves. Remember, we are all here for you. 🙂

  • Mr Pearson says:

    Nerves are completely normal at this stage, but there really is no need to worry yourselves or get yourselves worked up. All we can ask of you, and all you can ask from yourselves, is for you to do your best.

    ‘Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make that any better!’ – Walt Disney.

    If Walt Disney says it, it HAS to be true! So relax, don’t worry and just do your best!

  • Miss Fretton says:

    As Doc from Back To The Future says “If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything.” Believe in yourself, this is your time to shine and show off what you can do!

  • Linda H. Gardner says:

    A truly reflective poem Haniya and fantastic advice for our Year 6 pupils. Thank you for taking the time to comment


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