Shrove Tuesday and Lent

Children learnt about Shrove Tuesday and Lent today and our House Captains took part in an fierce pancake flipping competition!

The tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday comes from when Christians would use up ingredients before they began fasting (giving up food) for Lent and focused on God in preparation for Easter.

Even if you and your family don’t give something up for Lent, as many Christians still do, it’s a good time to start something new and give yourself a positive challenge to aspire to.  Did you make a New Years Resolution/Aspiration this year?  Now might be the

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time to reflect on how that’s going, or to set yourself a new goal.

Leave a comment below telling us what you are striving to achieve this half term.

Mr P

p.s. You can find a recipe for pancakes here!  Always ask an adult to help you in the kitchen.  Happy Flipping!

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