Safe from Cyberbullying


As Year 6 told us in assembly last Friday, we don’t just #StandUpToBullying during anti-bullying week.

This week we talked about cyberbullying in assembly. That means intentionally and repeatedly trying to hurt someone using digital devices and online sites and apps.

Visit for help with keeping safe online and remember the rules we discussed…

STOP – Log off when bullying is happening.

BLOCK -Block and report the sender.  Do not respond.

RECORD – Save the message or take a screenshot to show an adult.

TALK – Tell an adult you trust.

And don’t forget the definition of bullying we discussed last week…



3 comments on “Safe from Cyberbullying

  • Haniya says:

    Here is a poem i just made:
    C is for Caring for others on the web
    Y is for you need to report the bullies
    B is for Bad strangers who can ruin your life
    E is for Encounter, the bullies can encounter your emails and hack into your messages
    R is for Rebellion, we can have a rebellion against the bullies!


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(Stay safe online, just use your first name)