Lots To Celebrate


It was lovely to have Reception classes join us for our Friday assembly for the first time last week.  Larch and Laurel contributed brilliantly to the celebrations.

Well done too to the Hedgehogs house team for being at the top of the leader board at the end of last half term.  Children in Hedgehogs across the school have shown the school values 5316 times since September! Amazing. Will they still have the lead at Christmas and get the end of term treat? It is still very close between the four teams!

Thank you too to the Year 5 & 6 pupils who read us war poetry during reflection time to focus us back on the learning about remembrance day that is going on across the school.  We look forward to hearing more from Mrs Moston about her trip to Flanders fields.

Mr P


2 comments on “Lots To Celebrate

  • Haniya says:

    I remember the times when i was in reception. My best moment was when I was in the christmas production and i had to do a rap dance with my friends! I have cooler moves to do now,though.


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