Fantastic Foxes!


Well done Foxes for being at the top of the leader board to end the term.  But you have ALL shown the school values an incredible number of times since September.  You can all be very proud.

Visit to see more pictures of the Foxes’ treat!  I’m sure you all enjoyed your class treats too (if you met your class dojo point target)! How did you celebrate the great learning you’ve been doing this term?

Mr P

5 comments on “Fantastic Foxes!

  • Foxes party was really fun and I really enjoyed the races against my friends .i also enjoyed the popcorn thank you for the lovely treat

  • j webb says:

    In Ash class we had to solve riddles and find the cardboard Easter eggs with our house team and had to work in our house teams and got points if you got the answer, the winning team got a Easter egg and at the end we watched a Easter film and foxes one so we got a kinder egg and the others got either an cream egg or a normal chocolate egg.


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