Marvellous Mums…

…awesome aunts, groovy grans and super sisters!

Thank you to all who came to our first MAGS MORNING (day 2 on Thursday March 17th!) and joined in with such enthusiasm.

It was a brilliant morning.  Here are a couple of photos but keep an eye on blogs and our twitter feed for more!

IMG_3047 IMG_3048




5 comments on “Marvellous Mums…

  • chrissie says:

    What a great idea ! really enjoyed spending time in the school finding out more about my children’s learning, thanks to Mr Poyton for organizing and to all the teachers and children for their input – (Conor and Elliot’s mum)

    ps I have promised to join in the PE session next time!

  • Kat-rina says:

    Marvellous mothers, Good grans, Amazing Aunts and super sisters all make are day. They always make us smile. And they take care of us. They are responsible to take care of us which is quite lucky because they are amazing.


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