Challenge and Change

Hello everyone,

What a fantastic day we had celebrating Black History Month!  I can’t wait to see photos from your workshops and some of the fantastic writing and artwork you all produced.

For now I just want to share an amazing piece of writing with you.  Dylan wrote this letter to Jackie Robinson, an American baseball player who achieved great things and inspired many people. Black History Month is a time to show our school value of RESPECT for inspirational people who have faced challenge and caused positive change for others.  Check out the Year Group blogs for more photos and info about what went on in each class.

Enjoy this brilliant letter and leave a reply to tell us what you enjoyed most about our Black History Celebration.

Mr P




4 comments on “Challenge and Change

  • LJennings says:

    This is a fantastic example of your super vocabulary Dylan, as well as making the reader really think about discrimination. I am very proud of you!

  • Haniya says:

    This letter is really inspiring. This just inspired me to write a letter to malala. She got shot in the head for standing up to educations rights and girls rights to learn.


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