october footie tourney

Our boys football team made us all very proud this week.  One member of the team has written this exciting recount of events….

Chelmsford Sports Partnership Boys Football Tournament 2015

When we arrived at the tournament they got in to groups – A group B group etc. We were placed in group D. Every match was 8 minutes long so our goals had to come quickly.  Our first match was against Barnes Farm which we won 1-0 because of an unlucky own goal from the other team. Then we had some training with the West Ham foundation and we got taught to keep more control of the ball and it also helped us in the games. Next we played the Bishops ‘B’ team and won 3-0.  The goal scorers were Fletcher, Reece and Callum.

Next we played our final group match against St Michael’s ‘B’ which we won 2-0, the goals were scored by Bobby-Lee and Fletcher  (again). After that match we sat down in a line to get told if we made it to the semi-finals and sure enough we did. We fought well in the match but at the last moment Bobby  took a goal kick and it was heading for the corner, the goalkeeper touched it but it wasn’t enough to stop it going in though. Everyone was jumping up and down, Bobby  was running around like a headless chicken so happy that he scored in the last minute and it was from a goal kick aswell! The final score was 1-0 thanks to Bobby’s remarkable goal that left everyone speechless (including the other team).

We got through to the final. We fought long and hard till the game was over, but the score was 0-0 so we had to go into ‘Golden Goal’ if you scored you had won the game and the tournament. But, after full time, again the score was 0-0 so we had to go into a penalty shootout. First up Bobby, he hammered it in. Then the other team scored. Next up, Reece, he also scored. Then the other team shot, but it went wide of the bar. So it was all up to Alex to see who was going to win the tournament, he shot, and everyone’s heart stopped but after some luck it went in and everybody could breathe again. We all knew WE HAD WON and it was a well deserved win as well! Everybody had huge smiles on their faces, children and adults because we knew that we had came home as champions.

Alex  – Year 6

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