Writer of the Week- Rowan

The writer of the week goes to Brandon, for writing a fantastic diary entry of life in a Victorian Workhouse. Brandon has worked really hard to use exciting vocabulary, can you spot any that he has used?

Well done Brandon!

Dear Diary,

What an appalling day at the workhouse! I can’t believe what I have to do at the disgraceful workhouse.  I had to clean the toilets.  I would rather do rock smashing for six hours nonstop.

First stop: breakfast. The gruel launching down my throat after every chunk I swallow. I had to eat with my head down in silence, it was just so awful. My teeth stick together with every bite of mucky gruel sticking on my teeth. Trust me it is like an abhorrent muck in the workhouse, you would not like to be here.

Second stop: Rock smashing. The rocks were as hard as the hammer itself. I mean, I could only smash three and a half rocks today it is so exhausting. My body feels dead. Smashing rocks is such hard work there is so much of it. Thing is though I probably won’t see the new roads.

Third stop: lunch. Lunch was the same as breakfast.  Heads down in silence! I was hungry. I felt sick.   I wasn’t looking forward to the dirty food but I was so hungry.

After lunch all I hear are screams and kids crying their selves to sleep. I was frightened that I was going to get whipped with a knot on the end of a rope.

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