Hylands taster day!

Today children visited Hylands to get a taste of what life is like when you go to high school! We all participated in exciting activities such as using microscopes in Science, cooking a pasta salad and building models with playdough in Geography.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Superb Salads

Linking to our topic (Allotments), Year 5 have been making salads! This involved roasting potatoes, grating cheese, washing vegetables and cooking couscous! We all decided our salads were delicious!

What was your favourite part? Did you learn any new skills?

Locating Allotments

This week in Geography, Pine class used a digital map service called Digimap to find and locate all the different allotments we have in Chelmsford. Through careful map work and research, we found out that Chelmsford has over 20 allotment sites and nearly 1000 allotment plots available to rent!

Allotment Memorable Experience

Also on this morning, we had the opportunity to explore different fruit and vegetables. The children had to feel and smell a variety of foods to try and work out what different produce they had. We had some excellent guesses and we all encountered some new vegetables we had never seen or heard of before!



Year 5/6 Themed Week!

Whilst some of the children have been at Grangewaters, the rest of us have been having a themed week! We learnt about WWI and participated in different activities! We set up each class as a platoon with a Lieutenant and 3 Sergeants. Some of the activities included code breaking, making silent movies and trench warfare!

Letter to the Pope!

In History this week we looked at why Henry wanted to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. We pretended we were Henry VIII and wrote persuasive letters to the Pope, trying to get him to allow Henry his desired divorce. We had some incredibly imaginative letters, including Evie’s, who managed list a number of reasons why Henry wanted to end his marriage.