Macbook skills!

Today we were learning how to use spreadsheets to create tables and charts! We also learnt about different formulas which allowed us to to do Maths!

In class we discussed how this could be useful for real life. Can you think of any ideas how?

Year 5’s Medieval Banquet

Throughout this half term, our topic has been based on England in the Middle ages. As part of a ‘Design and Technology day’ we all tried following a medieval recipe (an unusual type of ginger bread) and then transformed our classrooms into banquet halls ready for the other Year 5 class to dine in (all accessories designed and created by the children!).

More Bacteria Growth

As you know, we have been investigating the growth of bacteria. We took samples from different places around the school and are now watching to see how much mould grows so we can find out which areas have the most bacteria!

Here are a few picture updates…