Letter to the Pope!

In History this week we looked at why Henry wanted to divorce his first wife, Catherine of Aragon. We pretended we were Henry VIII and wrote persuasive letters to the Pope, trying to get him to allow Henry his desired divorce. We had some incredibly imaginative letters, including Evie’s, who managed list a number of reasons why Henry wanted to end his marriage.


This week in Science we have been learning about air resistance. To do this, in pairs we had a made a parachute holding an egg using different equipment. The aim was to make a parachute which allowed each egg-stronaut to  safely land on the ground. We had some success, but also some cracked eggs!

Year 5 Library visit

On Tuesday Pine and Poplar visited the North Melbourne Library. We listened carefully to the librarian, who told us how the books were organised and then we had some time to explore the library. Some children even brought their library card and took out a book!

Layer Marney Tower

To start off our new topic in Year 5, we took a trip to Layer Marney Tower, a traditional Tudor building. We had a whole day of exploring Tudor life including:

  • Climbing Layer Marney Tower
  • Holding and trying on a knight’s armour
  • Archery
  • Tudor games
  • The Maypole
  • Tudor school
  • Using a quill pen

We all learnt so much information about the Tudors, which will really help us in this topic!


Science Posters!

As part of Science Week, Year 5 had a homework project to make a poster about discovery and exploration. All the posters were very well researched, and we really appreciate all the efforts the Year 5s have gone to. Here are a few examples from Pine.

Science Week!

What a busy Science week we have had in Year 5!

We have made and tested out bottle rockets:



We have had a go at making parachutes using different materials to test which one would keep us the safest:

In Pine we also had a go at investigating the force of objects using a Newton meter and exploring how craters are formed and why their size varies:

What has been your favourite part of Science week?

Space Paintings!

As part of Science week, Poplar made space paintings using a range of techniques including, flicking, paint blowing, layering and blending. With a lot of team work, they have produced some fantastic paintings!

Bee Bot Computing!

In Computing we have been using our programming skills to program a Bee Bot to travel across the moons surface, avoiding craters and rocks. We needed to think carefully about how to make our Bee Bot get from start to finish in only 1 set of instructions. It took lots of resilience and patience, but many groups managed to successfully program their Bee Bot!