A muddy class treat!

Poplar class managed to earn enough class dojos this half term to enjoy a Muddy Adventures class treat!

Here are a few pictures:


We all can’t wait for our turn at Muddy Adventures after half term!

Pine writer of the week!

This week’s ‘Writer of the week’ for Pine class goes to…………


Emily has written a fantastic setting description, she has included all of her steps to success and challenged herself by using short sentences. Emily has used some fantastic vocabulary and it is clear she has used a thesaurus to help her make her vocabulary more exciting. Well done Emily, keep up the fantastic work!

Miss Davies

Alchemy Island Board Games – The finished versions!

We have finally finished our Alchemy Island board games and they look absolutely fantastic! They could definitely be made into real games!

                                                                           We even had a go at playing each others games to explore the different designs each group had made. Everyone had lots of fun designing, creating and playing their games!

Writer of the Week!

In Literacy we have been writing our own Alchemy Island fantasy stories and they have been FANTASTIC so far!

Pine’s writer of the week goes to Alisia, who has written a very tension-filled paragraph describing how she came face to face with a horrific villain! What a great piece of writing!

Alchemy Island Soundtracks

This week in Computing, we were set a challenge to make a soundtrack to Alchemy Island the computer game! We used Garage Band on the I-pads to create a soundtrack to match the adventures you would have on this fantasy island.

Some of the soundtracks Pine class made were amazing!

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

In Science this week, we have explored reversible and irreversible changes. We tried out different experiments, including making toast and separating sand and water, to see which changes we could reverse.

We even had a look at what happens when you add vinegar to bicarbonate of soda!

Can you name any reversible and irreversible changes?

An update from Year 5!

We are over half way through the first half term and the children have been busy learning!

Firstly, we have been looking at Garageband in Computing and learning how to create our own music track!

Then in Science we tested different materials to see if they were electrical conductors or not.

In addition, we have now started making our interesting and exciting board games!

Writer of the Week!

This week we have been learning all about gold! On Friday we started to write non-chronological reports about this precious metal. Pine’s writer of the week goes to Lacey, who wrote an engaging introduction and used lots of different writing techniques when explaining what gold is. Well done Lacey!

Writer of the week

Last week we imagined we had been whisked away by a portal and landed in the Kingdom of Winterbourne, Alchemy Island. We wrote narrative openings describing this. Thelma was chosen for writer of the week because of the way she built suspense in her writing. Well done Thelma!