A Fun Packed Week!

Wow! What a busy week we have had, it was fabulous to see so many parents, grandparents and other relatives at our assembly on Wednesday.

What a tremendous achievement the children accomplished with their assembly.  We think you will agree with all of the Year 2 team that the children displayed such confidence as well projecting their voices to tell the audience about their learning so far this year  You wouldn’t believe that they had only had three practices before the final performance.  We are so lucky to have these children at Lawford Mead!


Then on Friday we had our World Book Day Take Two!

It was so lovely to see such enthusiasm the children had when reading with Year 4 and Year 5.

The older children really engaged the year twos with their expression and love of reading.

For World Book Day as a year group we made our own comic strips, after watching our CCTV of the ‘Lawford Mead Invisible Thief’ who has been caught stealing items from classrooms and snatching books not only from the library but even as some of our children were reading!

Have you been able to track down the thief?  If you know his or her identity please let Mr Poyton know.


We hope you had as much fun as we did.  Please tell us your favourite part of the day?

Year 2 Team

Books and a Castle

What a fabulous start to the half term we have had in Year 2, we have already squeezed in two trips one to North Melbourne Library and the other to Colchester Castle.

Last Tuesday on a very wet and miserable morning we set off to the library, the children were a real credit to Lawford Mead as they walked really sensibly despite the weather.  When we arrived at the library we all had to get our very wet and soggy coats and hats off before we could begin the activities.

Christina one of the librarians sat the children down and asked lots of questions to help us to understand what different services the library offered. After this we had time to explore the library finding different books, some of us with library cards could even borrow a book and take it home, we also had chance to do a book review for the library.

A little later Christina gathered us all together again and read us the story ‘I Want to be Famous’ which is a wonderful tale about a little snail, who is granted three wishes by his Fairy Godmother, but at the end he realises he is happy with who he is.




On Friday we had a most wonderful trip to Colchester Castle, again the children impressed all of the adults with their immaculate behaviour and some thoughtful questioning.

In Bonsai class we were met at the entrance to the castle by a Norman Knight who went by the name Sir John!  Sir John took us on a journey of discovery to find out what it was like to live in the castle 1000 years ago.  With Sir John’s help we broke through the castle walls, we looked into the water well where Sir John explained that in Norman times the people who attacked the castle would try to find the well so that they could poison the water supply by placing dead animals into the well.



A little while later we had the chance to ascend the spiral staircase. Sir John explained what it was like to be a knight guarding the castle on the stairs and why spiral stairs in castle always spiral in a clockwise motion.  Can you remember why?


Birch class also had a guided tour of the castle with Lady Holly, she took them up the spiral staircase too, which led them to the roof of the castle, here we tried to imagine what it was like 1000 years ago when you would have been able to see for miles and miles as the city of Colchester was then very small with only market stalls in the main street and a few houses which were surrounded by fields.

After our tour of the castle we had a chance to explore some of the exhibitions that were on display and this also gave us a chance to dress up in different costumes of the period.


During the day we also discovered a little more about life in the castle when we found out about how they wrote with feather quill ink pens, how they used different herbs and spices to make medicines.  In the classroom we also had an opportunity to see the different jobs that people had for example a blacksmiths job was not just to shoe horses but he also made anything that was made out of metal and used in the castle i.e. tableware and also armour for the knights.  It was the Lady of the Castle who looked after the herb garden and the carpenter made everything from wood including cups and jugs.

We had a little time in the castle shop where Miss Fretton and Mrs Saveall kindly bought us some books that we can share back in the classroom, we were also allowed to purchase a memento of our visit to Colchester Castle.

We had a little time left before we had to climb back onto the coach and return to school so we were allowed to once again explore some of the exhibitions, this time some of us tried our hand at chariot racing and also dressing up as village peasants.

Thank you Miss Fretton and Mrs Tuck for organising such a fantastic week.

Which was your favourite part of our first week back after the holiday?



Welcome to Wriggle and Crawl!

Yesterday we welcomed Chloe from Zoo Lab into Year 2.  Chloe brought lots of different species of mini-beasts to share with the children.

We found out lots of information which will be useful this term as we investigate all about different mini-beasts and their habitats.

Can you remember how long Garry the Madagascan hissing cockroach can survive without his head?


How many eyes does Charlotte the tarantula have is it 8, 10 or 16?

We also met Speedy the Giant African land snail who can grow as big as a football and has more teeth than a human.

Barry  has 240 legs, two heads but no eyes.  Can you remember what type of mini-beast this is?


Ziggy was Mrs Saveall’s favourite visitor and even Miss Fretton stroked him!

Ziggy is a corn snake and he uses his tongue to smell, he can open his mouth so wide that he can swallow his prey whole.


Can you blog back the answers to our questions and also tell us who was your favourite visitor?

We hope you had as much fun as the teachers did yesterday and we can’t wait to find out more in our exciting topic of ‘Wriggle and Crawl’





Muck, Mess & Mixtures!

Well what a fabulous and fun start we have had to the second part of the autumn term.

This morning all of the children in Year 2 enjoyed a morning of using three of their senses as we dived hands into lots of different types of goo!

The children were encouraged to use different adjectives to describe what they could see, smell and feel.  We were astonished at the vocabulary that they came up with to describe paint, paste, cornflour, clay, hand cream, shaving foam, jelly and soap flakes.

We know that the children thoroughly enjoyed their morning and believe that they will remember this because it was so much fun which will aid their learning so much this half term.


Star Writer

Since the beginning of the autumn term we have been looking at nouns, verbs and adjectives.  We have also looked at the use of imperative verbs and when an how they are used.

Last week we wrote directions to help Little Red Riding Hood find her way back home from Grandma’s house.  Our Learning Objective was to include anything that Little Red Riding Hood might need for the journey and also to use that all important imperative verb. To make our writing more interesting we were challenged to use time connectives and directional language in each instruction.

Our Star Writer this week is Ellie who has managed to include all of the above in her instructions and has also remembered all of the non-negotiables for writing in year 2.

Very well done Ellie you are a superstar.

Race for Life

We have to say a massive well done to all the children in both Y1 and Y2 who took part in this afternoon’s Race for Life.   Even though it was incredibly warm for a late September afternoon everyone of these very young children took huge pride in being able to run and complete the three laps of the Chelmsford City Stadium.

All of the children appeared to have a great understanding of why we were running today cheered and encouraged each other.  They are truly an inspiration and showed our school values in lots of ways today.

All of the staff in KS1 are extremely proud of them and we have to say a huge thank you to Miss Lyndsay, Mr Pearson and Miss Chittick for organising the event for us.

You will be able to see from the photos below how much the children enjoyed this event.


Star Writer

We are having so much fun with our topic of Street Detectives this year.

Over the last week we have been looking at the different types of shops that are in our local area, both now and back in the past.

We found out in history that before supermarkets like Tesco and Morrisons became popular we had to visit lots of independent shops like the baker, greengrocer or the butcher to get our food.  We also learnt that because the food was fresh that we would visit these shops more often.

On Thursday we had the opportunity to be bakers ourselves. We spent the afternoon weighing flour, chopping butter and adding all the other ingredients. We carefully followed a  method and produced some wonderful jam tarts, shortbread biscuits and gingerbread men.

On Friday we used the knowledge we had gained from our baking on Thursday to write some brilliant poems using adjectives, verbs and nouns.  Although our poems didn’t have to rhyme we had to be careful that they made sense.  Our star writer this week used all of the input she had been given to produce an outstanding poem which Miss Fretton then asked her to copy up in ‘best’ onto one of the baking writing frames.

Miss Fretton was especially pleased to see that Stephanie had been thoughtful when she wrote the lines ‘ I can get half a teaspoon of spice.  I can get the grams right’ Miss Fretton was also impressed that Stephanie remembered that each line of her poem had to start on a new line, and that she had to include capital letters and full stops in her work.

What a brilliant start to Year 2, keep up the good work Stephanie.

Miss Fretton and the Y2 Team.


Welcome Back Street Detectives

Welcome back  it looks like you’ve have had a lovely and exciting summer as the children have told us all about their adventures.

This half term we are going to be ‘Street Detectives’.  We are investigating the local area to find out all about the different types of houses, commercial buildings, churches, the types of vehicles that use our roads and the local amenities, and this has changed over time.

This morning we have enjoyed a walk along Melbourne Avenue and through the park.  We were fortunate with the weather and saw many different things on our way.  During DT this afternoon we made a street map of the route we took and have started to make the different types of buildings that we saw on our route.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the different buildings, their uses and why our local area is made that way that it is.

You can see how enthusiastic the children are to begin this topic in the photographs below.

Can you tell us what your favourite building or place is in the local area and why you like it?

Ms. Tuck, Miss Fretton and the Year 2 Team.


Florence Nightingale

What a wonderful experience we had yesterday travelling back in time to the Scutari. We were lucky enough to meet the ‘Lady of the Lamp’ and she showed us how to take care of the soldiers after they had been injured. She also taught us how  they raised money to fund the hospital and to keep it clean. We had great fun making pill boxes, sashes and candle holders. Here are some photos to show you what we did.

img_3903 img_3914 img_2248 img_2300


We learnt a lot yesterday, what was your favourite part of the day?

Mrs Tuck and Miss Fretton

Science Week

Today in Year 2 we were investigating ‘How to make the best Parachute’.  We tried using different materials cut into different shapes and then tested them to see which material travelled the slowest to the ground.

Can you remember which material made the best parachute.

IMG_0502 IMG_0506