World Book Day in Year 1

We have had a fantastic day celebrating books and reading. This morning some children from year 6 came to read with us, we loved sharing books and taking turns to read. It was fun to listen to the older children telling the stories, they made them really exciting by using expression and changing their voices.


After break we turned detective to create wanted posters for a suspicious thief who had been filmed taking books from our library, we really stretched our vocabulary to think of some amazing adjectives (mysterious, creeping, strange, sinister). Here are the posters that Clara and Sophia made.

This afternoon we wrote reviews of our favourite books, there were some great choices. We had to say who our favourite character was, give the title and author, recommend the book to others and give a short summary. Igor chose Harry Potter and Kayla chose Owl Babies.


Which book would you recommend?

We looked amazing in our costumes and could talk about why we had chosen to come as those characters.

Sycamore’s Star Writer

This week Asher has been working really hard to write an explanation of how the water cycle works. She started with a great introduction, which included a rhetorical question and has included some tricky scientific words, such as evaporation! But even better than that Asher has been sharing her passion for writing by bringing in some of the stories she has written at home and reading them to the other children. She has been working on joining her handwriting and including adjectives and conjunctions. We love to listen to your stories Asher and are all very proud of your extra effort.

Splendid Skies

This half term year 1 are finding out about the weather and seasons in our topic “Splendid skies”

We started off on a blustery day by reading a poem called “Who has seen the wind?” By Christina Rossetti. The children learned some of the poem off by heart and performed it to each other. I wonder if anyone can still remember poem? Have you tried teaching it to someone at home?

In the afternoon we went on a lovely sensory walk around the school, looking up at the sky and searching for signs of the weather. We could see the trees blowing in the wind and the clouds moving across the sky. We listened to the sound of the howling wind and the trees creaking. We found lots of interesting natural objects such as feathers, berries, leaves, snail shells and twigs. We know that we are in the season of Winter because it is cold, all of the leaves have fallen off the trees and we have been seeing frost and snow.

We have also got lots of things we would still like to find out on our topic and have written some of our questions down.

Why are rainbows different colours?

Where do clouds come from?

Why are snowflakes different shapes?

Why is the sun hot?

How do we get thunder storms?

(And many more)

We will have to work hard to find out some of the answers!

We will also be setting up our own weather stations, why not try making a simple weather station at home – you could collect rain water in an empty bottle and measure how much rain has fallen with a ruler. You could put a thermometer outside to check the temperature. We will be making our own wind catchers next week so you will be able to see how strong the wind is and which direction it is blowing in.

Winter Art Day

Today was our Winter themed Art Day. Everyone in the school produced some artwork with a Winter weather theme.

In year 1 we made snowy landscape paintings and displayed them behind window frames.

We used different techniques to create our scenes; first we brushed on long brushstroke trees, then we used cotton buds to add small snowflakes on the branches, finally we dipped our fingers in the paint to make the snow on the ground and in the sky. When the paint was dry we made a frame using black paper.

We think they look really effective!

Important letters

A few weeks ago we wrote some very special letters and sent them to Santa’s Grotto in the North Pole. This week we each received a reply from Santa himself. We all got a card with a message and a fun colouring activity. We are being watched in our classrooms by Santa’s ‘Elf Cam’ so he will know if we are all on the nice list!


Engineers of the FUTURE!

What a fabulous science lesson we had in Silverbell last week when we built bridges made from different materials.

Firstly the children had to make a prediction which material would build the strongest bridge.  The materials that Miss Webster prepared were paper, plastic, cardboard, wood and spaghetti.  The majority of the children thought that wood would be the strongest and hold the most weight.  Along with the material the children could only use one fixing material choosing from elastic bands, masking tape, sellotape or blu-tac.

The children had to show lots of the school values as they worked together as a team by showing respect as they listened to each others ideas.  They also showed lots of resilience and aspiration when one idea didn’t quite work and they had to try to make it better.  You can tell from their finished bridges that they were very passionate about their project and how proud they were over the completed model.

Which bridge do you think was the strongest?


Meet the music tree

We were very lucky in muddy adventures this week as we were the first year group to try out the new music tree.

Miss Lindsey has been collecting recycled items and hanging them around one of our trees. She has chosen objects that will make interesting noises and sounds.

We had fun making up our own rhythms and songs and making lots of noise.

Anti-bullying week

In year one we have been thinking about what bullying is and how it makes us feel. We talked about what makes us all different and found out that it is our difference that make us special and interesting.

We designed posters to give advice about how to be a good friend and stop bullying.

Here are a few of our designs.

A Royal visit in Year 1

This afternoon we received a special Royal visitor to Year 1, Her Majesty the Queen!

To prepare for her visit we learned to sing the National Anthem, practiced bowing and curtsying and learned about some of the important Rules when meeting a member of the Royal family.

We also prepared a special tea party with cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge cake.

We were all very excited and the Queen was very impressed with our polite manners and excellent behaviour.

We will be using the Queen’s visit to help us to write recounts and inspire us to learn more about London as part of our Bright Lights, Big City topic.

I wonder if anyone has visited London? Do you have any pictures of yourself there? 

Muddy Adventures

This morning was our first Muddy Adventures session of the term. We had a great time exploring the new things that have been added, swinging in the hammock, cooking in the mud kitchen, climbing trees and performing on the stage. Miss Lindsey made us toast and set up a halloween treasure hunt.

Luckily the weather stayed dry and we all had a brilliant time.

We can’t wait for next week!