Celebrate Good Times (Come On!)

They did it!  A huge WELL DONE to Year 6 for getting to the end of SATs week with confident smiles on their faces!

We are all very proud of them and they deserve to be very proud of themselves.

A big THANK YOU to Miss Jennings and Miss Mitchell, Mrs Archer and all the staff that supported the children.

Leave a comment below giving your message of congratulations or thanks.

Mr P

P.S. Here’s our celebration song from assembly in case you want to sing and dance at home too!

A calming influence…

After the rock & roll drumming in last week’s assembly, it was peaceful and calm as we entered to Rob’s ukulele playing this morning. Rob is a inspiration to us all with his many passions and talents.

Thank you to the Y6 girls who wrote our reflection time for assembly today. They were thinking about next week’s SATs when they wrote it but it’s a message for everybody. Here it is…

We want you to know that you are doing perfectly just how you are.

Let us be calm when faced with challenges.

We know you may be nervous for SATs but you all just need to get your heads down and be calm.

Try your best, because nobody will judge you if you try your best.


Leave a comment below with your top tip for staying calm

Mr P

Thank you to the PA!

It was brilliant to have Mrs Wiltshire  talk to the whole school in assembly about what the Parents Association does. Children were then very excited and grateful to be presented with the latest gift from the PA…24 brand new basketballs for breaks and lunchtimes!

A BIG thank you to the PA for the basketballs and for all it does to help us feel PROUD to be at Lawford Mead.

Find out more about the Parents Association here.

Leave a comment below with your own thank you.

Mr P

Loudest. Assembly. Ever.

What a treat to have our amazingly talented Year 4 drummer  perform to us (and be in charge of drum rolls!) in assembly today!

This young man has put two years of hard work (so far!) into his PASSION and gives up time at weekends to practice.  It has clearly paid off and he was an inspiration to us all this morning.

What passion do you have and how hard will you work to achieve your dreams? Leave a comment below.

Mr P

Mrs Baker’s Wise Words…

Here are Mrs Baker’s ‘Wise Words For The Weekend’  from our assembly today…

With SATs approaching and everyone working hard, here are my tips for relaxing and making sure you look after your mind and your body.

  • Pet therapy – Studies have shown that just petting your dog or cat can reduce your stress
  • Exercise – Walking, jogging, swimming, or almost anything that gets your blood pumping can be helpful
  • Talk it out – Chatting with a trusted friend or family member can help to make you feel calmer
  • Write it out – In a similar way, writing in a journal can be therapeutic and provide stress relief
  • Watch a movie – Snuggle down in a warm blanket with some hot chocolate – this one always works for me!
  • Don’t forget to breathe – It sounds silly, but you would be amazed at how many people hold their breath for extended periods of time. That prevents optimal amounts of oxygen from getting to the brain and the body. Try deep breathing exercises to help relax further.
  • Sleep & eat well – Your body & mind need rest and fuel, make sure you treat it to the highest quality there is.

I’m not saying the next few weeks are going to be easy Year 6, but what we want you to remember is that they are going to be worth it. You have all worked hard over the last six years and this is your time...

  • Your time to shine and do the best that you can
  • Your time to push yourself (because no one else can do it for you now)
  • Your time to believe in yourselves the way we do
  • Your time to show your resilience and be proud of the journey you have taken so far
  • Your time to remember that somethings always seem impossible… until they’re done


Can you leave a comment below with some words of encouragement for pupils in Year 6 and Year 2 during their SATs?


What’s YOUR dragon?

Welcome back!  We hope you had a relaxing and fun time with family over the break.

In our assemblies today we learnt about the story behind Saint George’s Day.

To end the KS2 assembly we took a moment to reflect on our own ‘dragons’, by which we meant the obstacles or fears we want to overcome this coming term?  Maybe it’s your reading SATs test if you are in Year 6?  Perhaps it’s being more confident in subjects you find harder?

Can you post a comment below sharing your ‘dragon’ and the strategies you plan to use to defeat it?  What can you do to help others overcome their own challenges? Remember, our five school values will help you achieve anything!

Mr P

P.S.  Find out more about patron saints here and try this quiz!


A very special guest…

A big THANK YOU to author Sue Hampton  for visiting us and inspiring the children today!

Visit the Highlights section soon for more photos of her thought provoking assembly and inspiring writing workshops.  Thanks too to parents and children who came the book sale and signing at the end of the day.

Sue has written more than 25 books for children, teenagers and adults.  She has been praised by Michael Morpurgo who called Spirit and Fire “enthralling”, Just for One Day “terrific” and her alopecia novel The Waterhouse Girl “beautifully written”. Traces made the top three in The People’s Book Prize 2012. Ex-teacher Sue has been booked by around 600 schools and is also Ambassador for Alopecia UK. You may have seen her captaining a winning team on the BBC’s Eggheads – to win £29,000 for the charity she represents! Sue believes in the power of words and stories to change lives.

If you would like to know more about Sue, and buy one of her books, you can visit suehamptonauthor.co.uk.

Leave a comment below telling us what you learnt from Sue during her visit!

Mr P




What a wonderful word game!

Mrs Wilson introduced me to this fantastic Synonym Word Game this week.  There are 60 levels of difficulty!

Not only will this addictive game help build your vocabulary and help your reading and writing skills, it’s also for a good cause.  Give it a try and find out more!

Leave a comment below and tell us what new word you have learnt and what it means.

You can find links to this game and lots of other fun, educational online activities on our Links page.

Mr P

Assessment Week Pride

Well done to all pupils for showing confidence and a growth mindset during assessment week.  There was no need for ‘test stress’, just an opportunity to ‘show what you know’ so your teachers can help you take your next steps. You all deserve to be very proud of the progress you have been ‘showing off’ this week.

Here’s the Year 6 reflection time from assembly…

There was nothing to worry about and it’s all over.

It was only a chance to show off what you know…and it wasn’t that hard anyway!

The tests were just to test you on what you already know.

We’ve got through it and we should all be proud of ourselves.  Proud of what we’ve achieved.

Well done to everyone.  You know you have all improved.

Now you have done it, you can do anything.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you have felt proud of lately…

Mr P