Rock ‘N’ Resilience!

We rocked out on ‘air guitars’ in our celebration assembly today and Tyrese and George from Year 6 wrote a little poem about resilience for reflection time.  Here it is…



Resilience is to never give up

If you don’t show resilience you won’t succeed

It’s one of our values you will always need

Don’t give up just because it’s the easiest option

If you do you’ll never succeed

With resilience you will always achieve


Thank you to Rhys and Shashank from Year 6 for presenting our celebration assembly today! They set a great example of passion and pride in their school.

A big thank you also goes to two more Year 6 role models, Vienna and Callum, for a fantastic reflection time poem about smiling.  Here it is…

Smile more.

Even if you’re hardcore.

It will make your day good.

Try it, you really should.


You could make someone’s day

by rubbing the tears away.

Simply show your smile

and theirs will grow by a mile.


Smiling is key.

It will help you be happy.

Nobody can stop you

so don’t let them mock you.


Don’t feel sad.

It will make your day bad.

If you smile more

your day won’t be a bore.



Poetry Competition Winner

Congratulations to Vienna in Year 6 for winning our poetry competition!

Children had to write a poem about the Lawford Mead value of RESILIENCE.

Here is the winning poem, which was read out in assembly last week…you’ll notice Vienna also has outstanding handwriting!

I wonder which value will be the theme for our next poetry competition?

Mr P

Resilience Rhyme for Reflection Time!

Tom and George from Year 6 wrote and read a fantastic (rhyming) reflection time poem for assembly today.  Here it is…

We have to use teamwork

And be very resilient.

If you use these two,

Everything will be brilliant.

Teamwork is key.

It will help you and me.

If it’s a job, work or sport,

Listen to this and you’ll be taught.

Two minds are better one.

Together is much more fun.

Resilience is a great thing.

If you try it you’ll feel like a king.

Even if the game is tight,

We won’t give up without a fight.

Always cross the line feeling worn out.

If your team is playing make sure you shout.

Thank you for listening to our writing.

Resilience and teamwork are two great things.



We were in a ‘rock & roll Christmas’ mood in our December 1st celebration assembly today! We love to hang up the knitted advent calendar again and we can’t wait to Christmas dinner and jumper day next week.

The Christmas period is a time for togetherness, sharing, joy and kindness.  Although we  like to show those values all year round at Lawford Mead !

Leave a comment below saying what this time of year means to you.  What does it make you think about and feel?  You can’t just say presents!

Have a great weekend.  I’m sure some of our families will be putting the decorations up…

Mr P

Staying and feeling safe

We had two reflection time poems in assembly today as so many of our Year 6 role models are spending their time thinking about our values.

Here’s the first, on managing our emotions and celebrating our differences.  Thank you Tyrese…

Sometimes I am happy, whereas you feel sad.

Sometimes I am worried, whereas you are excited.

Sometimes I cam fearful, whereas you are joyful.

Everyone has different feelings – sometimes good; sometimes bad.

We are all unique and different.

It doesn’t matter.

At the end of the day, we are all human after all.

And here is the other, on road safety.  Thank you Shashank and Georgin.  Stay safe this weekend everyone…

Follow the signs

to save lives.

Don’t join in the crime

or you will regret it for life.

Wear a helmet if you’re cycling

And wear florescent clothes  to act wisely.

It’s not a joke

’cause you’re heart’s easy to break.

If you’re a pedestrian

Help each other to cross the road.

Use a zebra crossing

Especially when the road is wide.

All Different, All Equal

Thank you to parents who sent 50p into school this week so children could by their Anti-Bullying Week wristbands.  Keep an eye on our highlights page to see our ABW gallery.  Thanks also goes to Michael in Year 6 who wrote and read such a thoughtful and thought provoking reflection time for assembly, his audience broke into spontaneous applause! Read it below.

We are all equal,

We are all different,

It does not mater what colour your skin is,

Or if you are weak or strong,

Big or small, rich or poor.

We are all human.

We have all made mistakes.

It doesn’t matter if you are cool outside,

It only matters what you make yourself on the inside.

Year Group Assemblies

We love having parents come to watch our Year Group assemblies and Year 3 made everyone proud today.  The children shared what they have been learning about Ancient Greece and they performed so well, I think the audience learnt a lot too!  It was wonderful to hear such confident and  loud assembly voices from Year 3 children and there was some fantastic writing read and displayed.  Thank you to all the families who came.  Can you sing along to the music video below and speed up like Year 3 did?

Mr P

Remembrance and Respect

We were so proud to see our pupils showing respect for remembrance day with our minute’s silence in assembly this morning.

Here is the video about In Flanders Fields that we watched so you can look at it again with family…

Thank you to Rhys in Year 6 for reading the poem to us.  Here is a poem he wrote himself…

Poppies we wear to show respect,

They grew in Flanders field where

the soldiers lie dead, something they did expect.

Yet they fought for what they thought right.


They fought with strength and courage even the later row,

They all have fallen: friend and foe alike.

They gave their today for our tomorrow.

Lest we forget.

Have a great weekend.  Don’t forget to buy and wear your anti-bullying week wristbands next week!

Mr P


Can YOU Haiku?

Year 6 children have been writing haiku poetry this week.  Haiku are very unique poems, originally from Japan.  They are short, just three lines long with five syllables in the first and last line and seven syllables in the second, so you have to choose your words very carefully.  But they can be very thought provoking and inspirational.

One pupil who showed our value of passion for haiku was Brandon.  He wrote two haiku, using his favourite school values as inspiration, to be read out in our Friday assembly reflection time.

Here they are…can you leave a comment below with your own haiku about one of our values?


You must show respect

To everyone in our school

Always stay friendly.



Try to do your best

Everyday in your schoolwork

Even when it’s hard!