Summer Camp 2017

This year saw the first Lawford Mead Summer Camp. On Saturday 12th August 60 pupils came and joined in activities such as Pokemon hunting, team building, Muddy Adventures and singing round the fire before spending the night sleeping in tents on the school field. On Sunday, after breakfast,  more activities were held and a range of games and stalls for the parents to join in with. The pupils were all well behaved and continued to show our values of respect and resilience. Just want to say a huge thank you to all the staff and school volunteers who gave up their weekend to give the children this wonderful opportunity and a big thank you to the parents for joining in with the activities and the wonderful feedback we have heard so far.


4 comments on “Summer Camp 2017

  • Haniya says:

    WOW! That sounds SO fun! I wish I would come,but I was on holiday. The laser tag sounds fun……..

  • Sabrina says:

    This was Maxwell’s first ever camping experience and he had a brilliant time! Thank you to everyone who helped to make this event possible, really appreciated!

  • jess webb says:

    I really enjoyed the summer camp but sadly I cant do it again because I am in year 5 thank you to all the teachers and staff for giving up 2 days of there holidays to help us learn more and having more fun but I am excited to go to grange waters!!!!.

  • EMILY M says:

    I loved school camp but to be honest I didn’t want to come but I had LOADS OF FFFFUUUUNNNN


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